Post Hi forever

Post Hi forever

I guess its time to get back to what we started about 26 years ago. I laugh now because if I tell this to anyone born after 1995, they look at me like I'm speaking another language. We gathered some hard to scrape funds and put an ad in The SOURCE Magazine and one in PAPER Magazine. I think we only ran the ad for less than 3 months total, but the response was crazy. The SOURCE ad requested $1 or a catalog to be mailed to you, so you could shop. The PAPER ad was simply image and arrogance (and crotch, if you ever saw or remember it), but we were starting to make a buzz in the downtown scene of New York--this was 1993. 

I really had not thought out how to sell using a catalog, let alone have any clue of the logistics needed for shipping all over the U.S., which is where these catalog requests were coming from. Surprisingly, a major percentage of the catalog requests were from prisons all over; dollar included! 

We got busy designing some pieces, selling some other brands and cutting some dope hair styles, but never really followed up on what was known as a 'mail-order' aspect of the business. Now that the brick & mortar location has long since closed, it seems that small production-run items designed to speak to the urban eye are still appreciated by a choice few, so we are making available some collectible pieces and some fun shit to wear for a small slice of the retail market that understands the unique quality and vibe of these limited edition goods. 

Rivalries and conflict from block to block hardly effected us (located on E. 11th St, btw A & B), because though I'm not from LES, I got along with everyone. More importantly, the streets of LES started to hear about this shop that cut hair and sold flavor items. Played ball with everyone. Cut many heads that would speak of the vibe and bring folks through to check it. MOST importantly, to illustrate  the regard the neighborhood had for us, we not once had our shop gates tagged on or toyed. To those that know, this is a major show of respect. 

Who remembers when I painted yellow boundary lines in front of the shop attempting to limit 'sales' of faster moving march than I had? There's something about the sheep dog and coyote cartoon in this...

There are some crazy stories--yall know like I do. Feel free to share on this blog.

Welcome back to the BLOCK. 

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